Captures Of The Day (30/4/19)

We went for a very long dog walk today. There were lots of photographic opportunities . I’ve wanted to photograph the graffiti at the entrance to Los Altos park, but wasn’t sure how to approach it. I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

Blue graffiti with white stars on it.
Graffiti stars

Just things like this padlock jumped out at me. Using the Edge 35 Optic I took an interesting slice through it.

A padlock.

One of the best pieces of photographic advice I’ve had was to always look back the way you came. Things have more potential if you look again. That’s what I did for this image of trees in Los Altos park.

Trees in black and white.
Trees in the park

Sometimes the imperfections in something so bold can make for interesting photos. This was a bollard that has seen better days.

Luminous yellow background with cracks through it.
Luminous Cracks

And finally, more trees from Los Altos park.

Vertical trees with curving horizontal branches behind them.
Trees at odds with each other