Going Large

So I have a confession. I’ve had a perfectly usable large format camera sitting around for the past six months and I’ve only taken 8 photos with it. Of them, six were a complete failure.

My second large format negative. Digitized by photographing it on a light box and inverting the photo.

It’s a Toyo View Deluxe, with a 150mm lense and I have 3 double dark slides. It works. So why am I not using it? This is the question I ask myself. One reason is the weight of it. In some ways I wish I’d saved up and bought a field camera, like an Intrepid, so it would be easier to carry. But I got it for significantly cheaper price on a popular auction site, so there’s that.

My first two shots I developed in the dark, using a timer and blind hope. Considering it was my first attempt, they didn’t turn out too bad, though I’d damaged the negatives. Now that I’ve got a Mod 54, to do tank developing, I don’t have that excuse!

My double dark slides (film holders).

To rectify this, I’m going to start using it and documenting this on my blog, in the hope that it will give me the kick up the arse I need. Each week I’ll take and develop at least six images and then upload them. I’m hoping I can stick to this, at least for a few weeks, all things being equal.

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